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JEM Performance Audio Workshop

Why we offer an audio workshop

We feel that in order to get the most enjoyment and listening pleasure from an audio system, you need to know and understand established facts about sound reproduction.  Most people get their audio information from opinions of others or personal research.  Opinions are just that; what someone else thinks about something and are not necessarily factual.  Personal research is fine if you know what you are looking for and where to find it.  Remember, you can't believe everything you read on the internet! 

We have created a fun and relaxing way to learn about audio equipment and the accurate reproduction of sound.  My experience with audio equipment and the recording arts and sciences spans over four decades. As a former recording engineer, I know what it takes to capture sound as accurately as possible.  I also know what equipment reproduces sound in a way that sounds like the "original" sound.  In other words, the reproduced sound sounds "real". 

A word about sound preferences

Some may not like the precision of accurate sound reproduction.  Sound is subjective and only you know what sounds best to you.  The purpose of our workshop is to provide you with accurate information that you can use to get the most from your audio system.  We are confident that you will come away with a better understanding of sound reproduction and maybe even gain better hearing acuity.


Detailed discussions on - 

Proper speaker placement for good stereo

Amplifier design - tube & solid state - power ratings

Speaker design, efficiency and distortion

How vinyl records are made

Turntables,  cartridge types - ceramic, moving magnet, moving coil

Cartridge installation and phono pre-amps

Analog and digital equipment - can we hear "digital" sound? 

Exotic wire and cables - are they necessary? 

Room acoustics and how extremely important this area is

Sound demonstrations of various equipment and speaker systems


To listen correctly and really enjoy stereo, you need to know how a stereo recording is made.  Only at our facility are you able to work with actual multi-track session tapes to experience how a stereo mix and master recording is made.  We feel this rare opportunity is very important in order to fully understand what the terms "soundstage" and "phantom channel" mean.  We guarantee this exercise will open your ears to a totally new listening experience!

We strongly believe educating listeners will help them get the most from their audio equipment and therefore a better listening experience.  We have found that many times however, a person's spouse / significant other doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.  Well we have a solution for that.  The prices stated below will allow the both of you to attend the workshop.  You will both come away with a better understanding of sound reproduction and audio equipment in general.  This will make listening and discussing audio much more enjoyable!


Complete workshop - in depth discussions on all facets of audio including sound demonstrations plus how a stereo master tape is made - TWO  1-hour sessions or ONE 2-hour session - your choice - $100.00

Mini- workshop - basic information on all facets of audio including sound demonstrations  - does not include how a stereo master tape is made - 1 hour session - $50.00

Listening sessions - test data and information presented and discussed only on equipment being auditioned - $50.00 / hour